Sunday, September 7, 2008

His Actions Are Graceful, All the Girls He Does Please

My sister Sara came out to LA for a visit a couple weeks ago, and on a trip down to the Santa Monica Pier we noticed a flying trapeze school there. So we signed up. Let me assure you that, after the shear, gut-wrenching terror of the first flight, it's awesomely fun and quite easy. Observe the following:

The first thing they teach you is how to get yourself from hanging by your hands, to hanging by the knees, then back to your hands. After you've done that once they add a backflip dismount, which is what my sister capably demonstrates above (while I demonstrate shaky camera work).

Once you get really good at that move they prepare to have someone catch you from the other trapeze. Of course that person has to get up there first...

After Dean got himself up there, if was time to be plucked from thin air by a complete stranger. Again, Sara demonstrates below.

Alas, there are no shots of me on the trapeze, since Sara was too busy staring in awe at my perfect form (or possibly the muscles on all the trapeze staff) to be bothered with the camera. Guess I'll just have to go back and try it again...